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Steps to Register User

Folllow these steps:

  • Open the user registration from navbar.
  • Fill the required details.
  • On successful registration, we will send you a mail in your registered email to verify and activate your account.
  • After account activation you will receive your Celesta-ID which is of the form (Eg. CLST1234).
  • You are requested to remember your Celesta-ID.
  • Now you can login using your Celesta-ID and start registering for events.

Steps to register for Events

Folllow these steps:

  • Go to the events page from navbar
  • Select events category (Eg. Events, Workshops, Pronites, etc).
  • Go to more details of particular event to register for that particular event.
  • Some events are solo while some are team events. In case of team events, there has to be a team captain and others are team members where maximum number of members in a team is mentioned on the event details page.
  • In a team event a team can have at most the maximum number of members. (Eg. If maximum number of members=6, then a team can have only 1 or only 4 members also.)
  • The price of the event is mentioned there in the events details page. Also many events are free where no payment is required.
  • Go to your profile page from navbar to see all your registered events and their payment details.
  • Payment can be done offline too in the registration desk on the respective event date.