Judging Criteria for CA

Online registration from your referral ID would earn you 20 points.
Offline registration from your referral ID would grant you 20 special points !!
Upgrading your profile picture/cover photo on Facebook with Celesta frame would earn you 50 points.
Sharing posts on Facebook (public post) would let you 20 points per share.
Sharing posts on College Facebook group would reward you 15 points per share.
Putting stories on Facebook would grant you 10 special points !!
Updating your WhatsApp profile picture would let you 10 special points !!
Sharing posts on College WhatsApp group will gift you 30 points each.
For each WhatsApp stories you will be given 20 points each.
Sharing posts on Instagram would let you 10 special points !!
Putting stories on Instagram would gift you 20 special points !!
Tagging your friends on any social media (not recommended on guest post) would earn you 5 special points each !!
Giving contact details of Student Bodies along with there special field of interest would let you 10 points each
Mailer’s forward in college group would let you 50 special points !!

Criteria that would boost your score…!!! :-)