What is Celesta?

Celesta is the annual Techno-Management Fest of IIT Patna. It's objective is to promote technical and managerial enthusiasm amongst the young and bright minds of our nation and to provide a platform to transform their innovative ideas into a meaningful reality.

Two whole days of FUN

Exciting Prizes and Goodies

Informational Workshops

Interesting Events

About Campus Ambassador Program


The promulgation of the fest is assigned to the campus ambassadors. They serve as a liaison between their college and our campus i.e, as a nodal point for any kind of communication or promotion. This is a deeply rewarding opportunity both on a personal level and also in terms of career prospects as, being a campus ambassador helps in pesonality development besides, enhancing your managerial skills.

What You Get


Official certificate from Celesta, IIT Patna.


Free passes to renowned technical workshops.


Chance to win Celesta T-shirt, goodies and other perks.

Your Work

Represent CELESTA in your college and encourage people to be a part of this Techno-Management fest.

CA Leaderboard

# Name Celesta ID Points
1Vaibhav ChaurasiaCLST46742220
2Jatin KumarCLST43521820
3Pranoti GaikwadCLST47521735
4Chalamaneni Jeevan PrasadCLST4663560
5Gaurav KumarCLST3928420
6Riya KatiyarCLST4416240
8Deepanshu yadavCLST5444100
10Sahil BondreCLST4195100
11Tameesh BiswasCLST100060
12Kumar Nalin SinghCLST469840
13Sidhant AgarwalCLST436740
14Abhimanyu KumarCLST487420
15Amit yadavCLST475520