Fuel your brain cells and let the spark ignite that logical being in you. Think the unthinkable and lead the board to win it all.

This online contest will be a 2 day contest. Each day there will be 10 problems to solve. The questions will be completely IQ- based with a minimal amount of knowledge from science required.
1. Student will compete in groups of 2.
2. All the questions on 1st day = 10 pts
All the questions on 2nd day = 20 pts
3. The time frame for answering the questions will be 12pm – 12 am every day. You can start and end during this window time.
4. Points and end-time of play from each day will be recorded and will cumulated for final tally of points.
5. Questions will be completely IQ based with some knowledge from Electrical Curriculum as a prerequisite.
6. You are allowed internet and textual reference for solving the problems but spreading, buying or selling of answers is offence enough to disqualify your team.
7. You can answer any question infinite number of times.
8. Answers are case-insensitive.
9. Winning team will be decided by the highest total tally of points. In case there is a tie, the team answering more questions on 2nd day will be the winner. If the situation persists, ending time average of 2 days will decide the results.
Venue and Timing:
Day and Date :
Time :
Venue :
Important Declaration:
1. Please keep checking the Celesta app, website and Celesta, IIT Patna facebook page for any future updates.
2. The rules can change without prior notification.
3. In case of any dispute, the decisions made by the organising committee and judges are final and binding.
1. Nilendu Shubham :- 8292508959
2. Pratiyush Pushkar :- 9801476409