“Monopoly is Business at the end of its journey”There is a haggler, manager, entrepreneur inside every person. To reminiscence you to your childhood, to bring forth your talent and to introduce you to real business world, Celesta'17 in association with Entrepreneurship Club, IIT Patna presents Monopoly.
1. It's an individual 3D gaming event.
2. Computerized output will come. You have to moveto corresponding position accordingly.

3. After moving to a particular position , You have three options:-
(a) Buy that location.
(b) Pay tax corresponding to that location.
(c) Go for mutual settlement with current location owner.

In case owner is bank , then mutual settlement is not applicable.

4. At the end of game you will get one chance to transfer account balance to someone else's account if you want else you can ignore it.
5. Registrations would be done on the spot.
6. Player with maximum property (Balance + Assets) at the end will be the winner.
Venue and Timing:
Day and Date :
Time :
Venue :
Important Declaration:
1. Please keep checking the Celesta app, website and Celesta, IIT Patna facebook page for any future updates.
2. The rules can change without prior notification.
3. In case of any dispute, the decisions made by the organising committee and judges are final and binding.