Mind-Benders is a test of wits and logic. The event involves no syllabus or pre-requisite knowledge. The event will solely test the student’s logical reasoning, analytical thinking abilities , problem-solving capabilities and co-ordination skills. Get ready to knock your brains and prove the genius in you in this mind bending rendezvous. PUT YOUR THINKING CAP ON .
1. This is a team event. Students should participate in teams of two members of same squad.
2. Students of different institutions can form a team but of same squad.

There are two squads:
JUNIOR SQUAD - for students of class 7 to 10.
SENIOR SQUAD - for student of class 11 and above including college student.

3. The event will be in form of pen-paper quiz. The question will have various sections like maths, puzzles, reasoning etc.
4. It will consist of single choice correct, multiple choice correct, paragraph and a very few subjective questions.
5. Each section has its own marking scheme.
6. Use of any type of electronic gadgets are strictly prohibited during the test.

Venue and Timing:
Day and Date :
Time :
Venue :
Important Declaration:
1. Please keep checking the Celesta app, website and Celesta, IIT Patna facebook page for any future updates.
2. The rules can change without prior notification.
3. In case of any dispute, the decisions made by the organising committee and judges are final and binding.