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Problem Statement:
Chemoquest is a theme based treasure hunt. The competition comprises of a multi-level hunt for chemical compounds and then perform a chemical reaction with those compounds. The event will start from the given venue where the first riddle will be given. The contestants must have to solve the riddle to reach the next spot where they will get the next riddle . After collecting all the chemical compounds, the team has to perform the chemical reaction. The team that takes the minimum time to complete the whole task will be declared as winner .
1.Maximum 3 members in a team.
2.Members can be of any year and any branch.
3.Teams have to report to the spot before 15 minutes of the scheduled time.
4.All team members have to be collectively present at the checkpoint with their previous clue to receive the compounds.
5.Explanation of the clue may be required. *Rules are flexible as per the organizers discretion.
Venue and Timing:
Day and Date :
Time :
Venue :
Judging Criteria:
1. Time of completion .
2. Yield and quality of the product formed in the reaction.
3. Time taken to clear individual check points
4. Distribution of score weightage depending on the difficulty level of the check point.
5. Explanation of the reaction performed.