Use the power of our global online community to apply thousands ofengineering minds to your design problem for less than the price of one.Whether you have a brand new invention on the back of an envelope and youneed to turn it into reality, an old part that has stubbornly never workedquite right, an aesthetic challenge you'd like the design world's opinionon, or you'd just like to inject some fresh ideas into your currentin-house design department, a CAD Master Challenge is the most effectiveway to get the engineering world working on your problem.A CAD master challenge is also a great way to let the tech community knowabout your exciting new designs and your passion for optimum design.
Challenge Details:
---Eligibility & How to apply---
The competition is open to all the budding enthusiasts who would wish toshowcase their CAD talent to the tech world out there. Interestedcandidates directly mail the competed challenges to the mentioned id belowwhich shall be evaluated accordingly.
Important Dates:
Release of Problem Statement : 7th October , 10:00 AM. Submission of Design : 7th October , 1:30 PM. Note : All the Dates and timings are tentative, Any changes shall be conveyed in advance.
Venue and Timing:
Day and Date :
Time :
Venue :
Important Instructions:
1.Make each of the drawings in separate .dwg files.
2.The units for all the drawings must be set appropriately (Proper scalingfactors).
3.Put all the .dwg files in a .zip file named ”” and mail it to [email protected] with the subject“Drawings-Civil Maestro”.
4.Each drawing must contain a title block containing your name, thequestion number and Institution Name.
5.Violation of any of the above rules will lead to deduction of marks.
6.In case of a tie during evaluation the person who had sent the earliestreceived mail would be considered the winner.
7.All mails sent after 3.5hrs of starting will NOT be considered forevaluation.
8.If any of the submitted drawings are partially complete then partialmarks would be awarded.
9.If any of the dimensions are not specified the participant is expectedto use their judgement to use an appropriate dimension as per the drawing given.
Important Declaration:
1. Please keep checking the Celesta website and Celesta, IIT Patna facebook page for any future updates.
2. The rules can change without prior notification.
3. In case of any dispute, the decisions made by the organising committee and judges are final and binding.