AQUA-SOCCER is one of the popular and successful event held during ANWESHA, now it’s time we should include it in CELESTA. It has capabilities to attract participation from all year students as well as other colleges.
• There will be a tub partially filled with water. Few balls of different sizes will be floating and there are two goal posts at two opposite sides.
• Two teams will simultaneously play against each other through their bot. Aim of both is to put the balls inside the respective goal post .
•Team with maximum score at the end of match will be declared as the winner of that match.
Venue and Timing:
Day and Date :
Time :
Venue :
•ARYAN KUMAR (8540912206)
•SRIJAN SUMANT (9955530570)
•AKSHAT RAHUL (8294711642)
•LAHU GUJARKAR (9049874389)
•NAVIN KUMAR (7633058278)