The first bridges built by humans were probably just wooden planks or boulders placed on a flowing stream. But today, engineers have built bridges to cross vast stretches of rivers. Before actually constructing a bridge, we need to model it and test its performance in the lab. Celesta brings you a chance of showing your engineering skills with noodles! So, get innovative and build your bridge model with this unconventional construction material.
Design and construct a model of a single span truss bridge with the help of spaghetti noodles satisfying the constraints stated below.

The teams shall mail a zip file containing the abstract of their design to [email protected] . The abstract should contain the following: · Drawings of the design (isometric and orthographic views) with proper dimensioning on AutoCAD or clear pictures of handmade sketches. Clearly state the specifications and advantages of your design and any innovative idea that you have. · Analysis of the design according to the dimensions specified in the problem statement in a simulation software namely Bridge Designer 2017. The analysis is mandatory. Workshop for the same shall be conducted. The teams will be shortlisted for Round 2 on the basis of their abstracts.

Team Size:
Each team should have 3 or 4 members.
Dimension specifications:
  The dimensions of the bridge model must be within the following
limits: · Length: 56-60 cm
· Width : 10-11 cm
· Height: 12-16 cm
· There should be a proper clearance for a 10cm X 8cm X 8cm box to pass through the span of
the bridge.
· The members of the bridge can be built by grouping a maximum of 8 sticks of Spaghetti
noodles together.
Weight specification:
The bridge model should weigh 350 grams or less.
Arena specifications:
· The arena has two wooden columns representing the landmass on the sides of a river. · The distance between the inner edges of these columns is 46 cm. · One cylindrical support of diameter 2cm and length 15cm is placed on each of the wooden column. · One of the cylindrical supports is fixed to the column and the other is free to act as a roller. · The arena is as shown below: · A sample spaghetti bridge placed on cylindrical supports is shown below:
The teams shall be provided the construction materials. The teams can bring required tools to build the structure. The following materials will be provided: · Spaghetti noodles · Cutter · Pencils · Ruler · A3 size sheet · Glue
Venue and Timing:
Day and Date :
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